Dear Business Owner,

My name is Matt Johnston - founder of Guide Social, and author of Producing Empathy...

I am about to give you the video ad secret that has single-handedly turned “thousand-aires” into millionaires on Facebook and YouTube ads - AND tell you how this new opportunity will GUARANTEE you results using said secret… without paying us anything! (if you are one of the very very few businesses that can’t make it work.)

I stumbled onto this completely by accident…

...I had a big client, wanted to make him an amazing (see: moneymaking) video and experiment with a format gestating in my 39-year-old cranium for years...

So I decided, today, I was going to be a “one man band”… I wrote a script that I would act in and deliver to camera…
pressed record, talked, and edited together….

but what happened next shocked me...

That video went on - very quickly - to make this client upwards of $5 Million in the next 5 months, allow him to sell his company, and finally get to breathe a sigh of relief… relax back in his chair… and feel a smile grace his face (instead of stress lines folding creases in his forehead!)

And guess what? It was STUPIDLY SIMPLE to make (if you know what you're doing, I suppose), fun to watch, and - most importantly - wildly profitable. AND we did it all right after iOS14 hit and Facebook ads started to “break.”


Smartly written and produced video ads will always stand the test of time because they build “know, like, and trust,” the three pillars that can sell anybody anything…. From the Ancient Greeks to Elon Musk (and beyond!)


IF you have a great product…. IF you have proven through ads that the market wants your stuff….

I have a RARE, ONE-TIME opportunity for you...

To get THE 11 video ads your company needs to be prosperous and get off the Facebook and YouTube ad rollercoaster, start making serious profit and hey, who knows, maybe even selling your company too…


We Guarantee you will make at least 3X more than you invest in these videos in 60 days OR WE GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK (and you can keep everything we make forever!)

So you will….

- Get to use top-notch, battle-tested video formats with ZERO risk for you (only for us!)

- Have an expert team of video creators make ALL your video ads without you having to lift a finger

- Get the opportunity to build a customer acquisition pipeline so strong your LTV’s will skyrocket (and your AOV’s won’t look so bad either!)

- Discover the secret to PREDICTABLE ROI, ultimate scalability…. And ultimately, of course, selling your business or scaling it to an IPO (I know these things seem far away and maybe even out of reach… but we’ve seen it FIRST-HAND, trust me, it can happen!)

- Do almost nothing (send us your product and give any edits on the videos, literally that's all we need)

It’s quite literally IMPOSSIBLE to lose money working with us on this project.

Not to mention, it’s extremely likely you will make upwards of 50-100X what you spend for us to make all this video creative.

But you have to call us NOW to secure this offer - as you can imagine - we have limited spots here, we’re already staffing up a lot internally in response to the word getting out about this the last week.

This is where you do that! (it’s a calendar link with mine and Brad’s availability linked so you make sure you can get through to us)... here’s the link again in its “raw” format (do you really need a big blue button? So predictable!): guidesocialglobal.com/guarantee


If you’re worried this is going to be some lame “Sales Call” or “Strategy Call” … do not.

I’m sick of that garbage floating around the internet too. It’s either going to be me (Matt) or my friend Brad Davis who call you - we have both personally created videos that have made clients millions.

We aren’t sales reps. We just want to make sure the offer fits - because we lose our shirts if we take on people we can’t get results for!!  We could easily have to pay back thousands in refunds which will be extremely expensive. Which is why we need to choose our partners wisely!

But we have spent millions of dollars testing these video ad formats and feel confident (nay, unwavering and unshakeable!) that we know what videos brands need to scale to the moon with ads.


At the bottom of this page you’ll see a bunch of videos and quotes from folks just like you who have so generously shared their love of our work. We are not some kid in a basement who got bored and started a business in between World of Warcraft sessions…

I have a Master’s Degree and ran huge social video programs at New York Magazine, NowThis, Men’s Health, and Business Insider. I take this stuff seriously. And I know you do too.

I know you’re busy - but are you really too busy to have a conversation that could 10X your business? With no risk??

Worried about a pressure-filled sales call? Brad and I aren’t even sales guys… in fact - we guarantee on this call we will find at least $5,000 in WASTED ad spend already in your account in the first 15 minutes on the call.

Again, spots are limited - if there’s no time on this calendar, you’re going to have to keep checking and see if anything opened up. Here’s the link again: guidesocialglobal.com/guarantee

To your success!!
Matt Johnston
Creative Director
Guide Social
P.S. If you’re running ads and TRULY believe in a future where you sell your business, make all your entrepreneur friends jealous, and live a life of family, happiness, and prosperity - you’ll click that link while there’s still time and raise your hand for our ZERO RISK video ad program

Link: guidesocialglobal.com/guarantee
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High Ticket Coach
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Travis Perry


"Matt & his team changed my life"

"Matt is one of the most brilliant marketers I've ever met..."

"Guide Social literally saved this company"

"I've kissed a lot of 'TOADS' so glad to find my prince!"

"The Launch went WILD!"

"I have NEVER seen engagement like this before..."

Founded by a Viral Video Pioneer

Guide Social Founder, Matt Johnston, is a social video pioneer - helping invent the format, system, and science of viral videos in the publishing world at Business Insider, NowThis, New York Magazine, Men’s Health, and others. He is also the author of Producing Empathy: The Secret Method I Use to Get 100 Million Views on Videos Online.

He has produced and overseen over 2,000+ pieces of video content (both branded and editorial) that have generated well over 10 billion video views, and millions of dollars in sales across platforms.

He’s also worked on viral video campaigns with brands such as Toyota, the National Football League, Campbell’s, Chase Bank, Verizon, Adobe, Tidal, Fresh Direct, and many others.

He is the creator of the HERO system for viral video and the Magnetic Storytelling methodology for predictable, scalable video sales. These systems have driven millions in sales - for dozens of Shark Tank alum clients and countless others.

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